There is beauty all around us, I use art as a vehicle to express that which I cannot do in words.
I am not verbally gifted, but my art speaks for me, more loudly than I could ever. Thoughts, ideas, desires, beliefs, emotions, captured on a canvas, my art is the sum of my life.

Ariel Cruz was originally born in New York City. His cultural background is a Latino blend; his mother is from Dominican Republic and his father is Puerto Rican born. Like many great artists, Ariel was born with creativity flowing through his blood. Growing up in Rhode Island, Ariel was surrounded by graffiti and he began tagging as an art form. “Tagging is a way in which we can leave our mark, though we don’t own the space, we become a part of it, an idea and message we leave behind, its the closest thing too immortality.”

The greatest thing about art is that it can be used anywhere, and Ariel took what he learnt from graffiti and veered into fashion. The exclusive one of a kind pieces struck a nerve, and in 2010 he began designing exclusive custom sneakers for the worlds largest House Music artists and DJ’s.

In 2010 House Music became his muse and also inspired him to return to the world of canvases after relocating to Miami. His first collection “A Tribute To Your Fresh” was featured at the W South Beach Hotel Sept 27th 2011. His work was displayed amongst the private collection that lives in the “W SOBE” alongside other immortal artists like Andy Warhol, Jean Basquiat and Danny Clinch.

On November 24th later that year, Ariel featured his second collection “The Price of Beauty” at the Wynwood Exhibition Center/Cafeina in the Wynwood arts district. This series formed a part of the pre-Art Basel opening collection. “The Price of Beauty” with it’s striking portrayal of reality and the honest social message behind the collection touched the Miami art scene.

In July, 2013, Ariel introduced the “Man Eater” collection at LMNT Gallery. My collection was inspired by my surroundings witnessing firsthand there are some women who rather money over love, possibility and passion. What happens if you meet the woman that you would sacrifice anything for, but her vision is plated green? The “Man Eater” collection is my artistic interpretation of the beautiful pocket vampires that I call Man Eaters. The collection was a huge success and after a limited showing at the gallery sold out immediately.

Ariel Cruz is most well known for his paintings of women. His style has been described as seductive, sensual, and enticing. He captures the warmth, intrigue and desire that females convey. Done in such a way that the biggest fans of his work have been women themselves.
His experiences living in Rhode Island, New York and Miami have given him a

Ariel Cruz has become one of the best kept secrets of the music industry, a favorite of some of the biggest musicians in the world. His work has appeared in countless music videos and adorns the house of various artist.

Ariel’s work has been featured in The Miami Herald, The Sun Sentinel, Miami Magazine, URB Magazine, Underwire Interactive Magazine, Vicious Magazine and seen on TV shows such as “Brooke Knows Best”, “Bret Hearts Rock of Love” and “Charm School”.

My Tool Box

Consist of spray paint, acrylics, paint brushes, imagination, and life which inspires me everyday.